Volume management

Transporting large volumes of goods or materials, whether it’s a one-off delivery or part of a regular series of consignments, can be challenging. Our expert team of logistics advisers can provide guidance on a range of options which can help to make the whole operation as cost-effective and as efficient as possible.

A versatile fleet

Our ability to handle and manage high volume consignments is based on the sheer variety and scope of our fleet, which includes a wide range of different types of vehicle. Many of these vehicles are particularly suitable or adaptable to high volume consignments.

Imaginative solutions

High volume consignments, by their nature, often require imaginative and creative use of available resources to maximise the load carried at the least cost. The use of extendable trailers, double roofs or other configurations of vehicle, for example, could expand the capacity of each vehicle used for the project and reduce the overall number of vehicles needed for the project.

Our project team will also take into account the frequency and timing of collection and delivery schedules in order to accommodate time-critical operations, such as just-in-time manufacturing processes or parcel distribution timescales.

Warehouse on wheels

In just-in-time applications, the concept of the warehouse on wheels ensures that bulk components are delivered to the production line in precisely the right quantities at precisely the right time. This requires in-depth logistical planning, scheduling and project management. Our MHL teams are more than capable of working with you to ensure the success of your warehouse on wheels project.

Extended support network

In addition to our own considerable resources, MHL has access to all of the support services and extensive industry knowledge of the Swain Group. This enables us to deploy unrivalled experience and expertise to create solutions for virtually any challenge in any high volume environment.

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