We operate services for a large number of household names both domestically and across Europe, with covering loads intra-European mainland operations.

Wherever we operate, we offer a very high level of customer service, with services provided by our traffic team liaising with our subcontract partners, supported as necessary by own fleet of vehicles.  MHL’s expertise in logistics is applied to planning the transport, booking in deliveries, and keeping clients fully informed through regular progress updates.

Thanks to this intense level of customer service and communication, the business has grown exceptionally as, along with a core group of partner carriers, we now service high volume lanes across Europe.

Over 100 local operators in Europe

Our carrier base is made up of over 100 operators with fleet sizes typically in the 20-50 range, specialising on specific trade lanes. These ‘Local-Heroes’ who would not normally access the large commodity markets are now able to do so through our solution.

Covering UK and European transportation solutions, MHL was created in 2012, based initially in the UK. Our dedicated European operations service was created in 2014 and now represents around 1/3 of our day to day business, built around daily European Full Load services across the continent including Intra-European flows.

Our European presence expanded further in 2016 with the opening of our offices in Timisoara, Romania. This office supports large pan-European Tenders which we manage on behalf of a wide range of carriers who work directly for us.