Support solutions

The range of support services we offer is wide and varied. Our project planning and management services, for example, are designed to ensure that every project is delivered successfully, on time, on budget and in full compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

Dedicated project managers

We start from the view that every project and every customer is different, with varying challenges and needs. So, while many projects may be very similar, each one needs to be properly assessed and a detailed project plan needs to be proposed.

Our project managers are highly experienced at assessing the needs of any project rapidly and efficiently. They’ll certainly draw on their experience of other projects to provide you with a proposed solution, but the solution will be based solely on your needs and aims.

Detailed plans, expertly implemented

Once a project plan is agreed with you, your dedicated MHL project management team will put it to work. Every element will have been planned to work in line with every other element, so that every detail falls into place at exactly the right time.

This approach works whether we are dealing with a highly complex, just-in-time delivery schedule for a manufacturing plant or other facility or a single consignment anywhere in Western or Eastern Europe.

International or UK

Our international capabilities across Europe and parts of the Mediterranean mean that we have particular expertise in planning groupage or full load consignments across 34 territories, including the UK. This includes deliveries that are within each of these territories boundaries, as well as cross-border shipments.

So, wherever you need to ship to or from, you can count on MHL to provide the expert advice, guidance, project management and haulage services you need to ensure that your deliveries are made efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.

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